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Mr Leon fled from war thorn Sri Lanka and was granted asulym in Norway

Lebara was formed by the three friends Leon Baskran, and Ratieesh with the view and business idea to help immigrants to call "home" cheaper. Lebara was set up in Norway, UK and The Netherlands.

Having build a good reputation in the calling card business business, Lebara Mobile was now established selling their own SIM cards and becoming a mobile phone operator. This was the year Leon Holding AS was founded to own shares in Lebara.

In 2008 Leon Holding sold Lebara AS in Norway to Network Norway. The Lebara brand has since changed to MyCall and now is owned by Telia. The Lebara Group outside Norway continues to grow into new countries.

Lebara Group continues to grow and is valued by Royal Bank of Scotland to USD 1 Bn. Leon Holding still own 1/3 of the shares in Lebara.

This year marks the start of major investments outside the telecom industry. The first investment done this year was the purchase and development of a business hotel in India. The portfolio of non-telecom investment has since increased substantionally.

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